What if you want to provide your customers with a personalized and consistent customer experience across all devices? ACTUM will help you create a digital strategy and design a technology platform for all touchpoints, such as a corporate website, e-shop, mobile app, emailing, call centre, social networks and point of sale.

We develop and implement web portals on .NET, JAVA and PHP platforms. We implement extensive technology solutions, such as e-commerce, web presentations, online service portals, intranet and mobile apps. We focus on integration with client and third-party back-end systems.

What if you want to increase the performance of your digital platform and take advantage of all opportunities offered by the latest technology? Our affiliated company ACTUM+ will help you adopt technology, set your processes, provide you with operator outsourcing and train your staff to ensure that you achieve your business goals. Our Consulting Team will guide you through the digital transformation using the CX Maturity Model for Digital Transformation proprietary tool.