Create incredible
customer communities

Solutions for creating customer communities

Thinking about creating a community as part of your digital customer support strategy?

Listen to Telligent’s VP & GM, Jon Allen, as he explains why communities are an important part of any customer experience.

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  • For Customer Support

    Customer support communities create a compelling return on invested capital and gives your customers the support options they want.

  • For Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing communities engage your customers, provide a new source of leads, and drive more organic search traffic through user generated content.

  • For Employee Engagement

    Connect employees together using the same community tools that you use as a customer and enhance your team’s productivity.

Complete Community Platform

A complete set of community features to deliver the experience you want for your customers.

Lower support costs

A customer service community enables you to answer a question once and scale it to an unlimited number of customers.
Customer Support

  • Decrease Support Costs

    The biggest benefit of support communities is their ability to immediately decrease support costs. By moving common support cases online, resolutions to cases can be used again and again. Plus you can quickly see which topics cause the most issues.

  • Optimize Support Staffing

    Our largest customers use their community to plan the staffing of their support centers – communities provide an early warning of incidents that are occurring with products. This type of optimization ensure that they maximize the investment in support.

  • All about Self-Service

    Support doesn’t start at your website, but at your customer’s favorite search engine. Every page is page one and Telligent Community is optimized for SEO. And, people would rather self-service (and help each other) than work through a traditional support team.

Voice of the customer

A digital marketing community enables you to get feedback directly from your customers.
Digital Marketing
  • Increase SEO

    Communities create unique user generated content. Search engines like Google love this type of unique, constantly updated content. The more content on your site means more opportunities for people to find you when they are using search engines.

  • Increase web traffic

    60% of B2B marketers use web traffic to measure success and communities drive traffic as people ask question, read unique content and give feedback. More traffic means more opportunities to engage with your customers and more time they are spending with your brand.

  • Grow your Pipeline

    Customers report that, “people engaged in our community spend 24% more than people who have not participated in our community.” Communities enable customers to learn about your products & services directly from other customers using those products & services.

Enhance team productivity

A members-only or employee community enables private and secure communication and collaboration.
Telligent Community
  • Increase Collaboration

    Internal employee networks are ideal for increasing collaboration amongst team members. With open integrations you can also connect to many of the enterprise systems. Plus, you can easily connect to your existing authentication system.

  • Build Relationships

    It is proven that relationships within an organization are critical within successful businesses. Communities provide the tools to bridge common interests both within and outside the company connecting people to make it easier to work together.

  • Membership has privilege

    Communities are ideal for private invite-only areas where members can share ideas, feedback or ask questions in a safe and secure way. Membership can be controlled through invitation or based on existing member lists.

  • Privacy you trust

    From banks, technology companies and non-profits the value of creating private areas where conversations can take place is invaluable providing a safe place for conversations to take place outside of Facebook or other social networks.