Community as a Service

Express your full creativity and write native code
to target any platform or user experience.

What is Community as a Service (CaaS)?

Telligent’s social community software was built from the ground up as a software platform. Unlike many of the solutions available in today’s social software market, Telligent has 100% coverage of all the underlying APIs. It is on these APIs that we build and develop the user experience that many of our customers utilize.

We believe the future of community is not as a stand alone ‘application’ but something that is integrated throughout a digital experience. In 2015, we began working with a number of customers desiring to build community directly into their customer experiences exclusively utilizing the APIs of the Telligent platform:

Telligent Community Platform

Community as a Service is an offering made available by Telligent enabling customers to build robust social and community experiences utilizing the REST APIs and WebHooks in the Telligent platform. This means you can build experiences utilizing whatever platforms, technologies and frameworks are best for you, your team and your customers.

For example, using Telligent CaaS you can write a mobile experience or combine community with an existing web application to build your solution using any platform, language or framework:

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, HTML5, etc.
  • Languages: JavaScript, C#, PHP, Java, etc.
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.

The Benefits of Telligent CaaS

Telligent Community provides a very robust out-of-the-box user experience through its widgets and page layouts. However, for some customers this doesn’t provide the level of flexibility they need.

One option would be for those developers to architect, design and write their own community infrastructure for their specific needs. However, this would require a significant time investment, not to mention the capital cost involved. More importantly, it would mean reinventing community functionality vs. creating the value that the business wishes to deliver for their end customers.

By using Community as a Service the business can benefit from the full suite of applications, services and management tools offered by Telligent Community while still allowing developers to build the creative community experiences they want.

  • Community Management Tools
    Telligent Community includes a complete suite of tools for managing content, community members and more. With Telligent CaaS you still benefit from all of these services without having to recreate them yourself.
  • Membership Management 
    All of Telligent Community membership capabilities are already integrated with the Telligent Platform API. You get all the authorization services built-in for controlling who can access what within your community experience.
  • Community Applications and Services
    Telligent Community as a Service enables you to benefit from all the existing Telligent Community applications and services – as all these applications and services rely on the exact same set of Platform APIs.

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