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Create a People-Centric Portal

Tired of hearing, “No one uses our SharePoint site”?
Telligent Community makes SharePoint more social – easily add engaging functionality such as forums, blogs, wikis and more.
  • “I’m forced to the cloud”

    Microsoft wants you to move to Office 365, but many organizations using SharePoint cannot go to the cloud because of regulatory restrictions or complex, customized implementations. Telligent Community can run on premise next to your existing SharePoint site.

  • “I want new features”

    Upgrading SharePoint to newer versions can be expensive, disruptive and time-consuming. Your customers want new functionality, but upgrading SharePoint is complex. With Telligent Community you benefit from modern applications and features, such as mobile-first design.

  • “Not meeting expectations”

    A report from AIIM found that only 6% of people reported success with their SharePoint implementations, 26% have struggled to meet expectations and 7% said their implementation was not successful. 28% reported initial success, but that progress has stalled.

“The issue with SharePoint has been that enterprise social moves very fast
and SharePoint doesn’t, because it’s a big, complex product.”
Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

We hear this a lot from customers talking about SharePoint.

While built on great technology (both are built on Microsoft’s .NET platform) SharePoint was designed first-and-foremost as a replacement for file sharing. Everything else was an afterthought. Telligent Community adds the robust “modern” social experience that your users expect while leveraging all of the value you’ve already created.

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Telligent Community

Ready to make SharePoint useful to your organization again? Using Telligent Community’s user experience to wrap your SharePoint services, such as file sharing, gives you the benefit of a modern user experience with the reliability of SharePoint.

  • Award winning and trusted Microsoft partner

    We’re not anti-Microsoft. In fact we won Microsoft partner of the year in 2012 for our depth of Microsoft integrations. We do know that people want alternatives that help them do more with their investment in Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Open source integrations

    The Telligent Community integration is open source and built with .NET. You can see how we integrate, provide feedback and even contribute to our integration. You can find our Connector on GitHub.

  • Create beautiful User Experiences

    All SharePoint sites end up looking basically the same unless a major investment is made in user experience. With our integration you can use the Telligent Community user experience to provide a modern responsive / adaptive user experience.

  • You host or we host

    Telligent Community runs either on-premises or SaaS. If you aren’t ready to run your solution in the cloud you can run our software side-by-side with SharePoint in your own data center. We would also be more than happy to host your community in our SaaS facility.

  • Feature rich product and roadmap

    We release a major version of Telligent Community twice a year with service packs in between. We are continually adding new features and publishing integrations and source on our GitHub site. We also work directly with customers on roadmap.

  • Simple to do business with.

    We don’t hide our pricing and licensing behind an enterprise sales team. All of our pricing and licensing is simple to understand. There are no surprises. We’ll help guide you on the best configuration for your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions regarding Telligent Community integration:

Does Telligent Community install into SharePoint?

No, Telligent Community is a stand-alone application that runs next to SharePoint. SharePoint is designed primarily as a command-and-control style intranet portal whereas Telligent Community is designed around interaction and engagement.

Please see the Telligent Community FAQ for common questions about Telligent Community.

How does the integration work?

There are two ways that the products can integrate together:

Where can I find the Connector for Telligent Community?

You can find the Connector for Telligent Community, along with other integrations and sample code, in our GitHub repository: http://GitHub.com/Telligent.

Important: We recommend that you do not modify the Connector for Telligent Community and instead work with us to accommodate whatever problems you run into. This is a library which is supported for our commercial products.