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Telligent’s Sitecore integration enables
you to add forums, blogs and more

Optimized for Sitecore. Built for developers.

You can run Telligent Community side-by-side with Sitecore and deliver our social applications and services along with user-generated content directly in the Sitecore Experience Platform. Sitecore authentication is already built-in and our product direction for deeper integration includes administrative tools, integration with the experience user database and much more.

  • Forums, Blogs and more

    Telligent Community makes it easy to add forums, blogs, wikis and more to your Sitecore investment.Telligent Community is a free and commercial social software product. And just like Sitecore, it is built on the Microsoft .NET platform. Read more about Telligent Community …

  • Better together

    Telligent Community and Sitecore have worked together since 2008. Sitecore integration provides a powerful platform to run digital marketing campaigns and Telligent Community complements this by providing all of the engagement and user generated content.

  • Sitecore integration

    The Telligent Community integration with Sitecore is open source, you can see how we integrate and even contribute to our samples. Our C# MVC samples are purposely designed for you to copy and modify to fit your needs. You can find all of our integrations on GitHub.

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Sitecore Community

Sitecore selected Telligent Community for their customer community — visit to see it live.
Sitecore Community


Benefits of Telligent integration

  • Sitecore’s trusted community partner

    Telligent has partnered with Sitecore since 2008 to deliver branded communities. Telligent Community is purpose-built to ensure that your community reflects 100% of your design objectives — the same reason why you chose Sitecore. It’s why brand conscious customers like GameStop and others choose Telligent Community.

  • On-Premises or SaaS: you pick

    Telligent Community runs either on-premises or SaaS – we like to call this, “You Host or We Host”. It means that if you aren’t ready to run your entire solution in the cloud due to concerns with data privacy and security you can run our software side-by-side with Sitecore in your own data center. We would also be more than happy to host your community in our SaaS facility.

  • Technology you already know

    All those developers that are building and maintaining your Sitecore site are immediately productive in Telligent Community. Using our open source Telligent Community SDK for Sitecore integration. With our .NET SDK and APIs you can write pure and clean .NET code to solve business problems and innovate.

  • Partner and customer friendly

    We don’t hide our pricing and licensing behind an enterprise sales team. All of our pricing and licensing is simple to understand. There are no surprises. We’ll help guide you on the best configuration for your community, whether you host the software yourself or we host in our SaaS environment.


FAQs, source code & downloads

Are you ready to integrate with Sitecore?