Telligent Community Features

Details about the features in the Telligent Community platform

Telligent Community Applications

Telligent Community has a number of included applications. You can deploy one or more applications within a group to deliver the experience you want for your customers. For example, you could deploy a product group with multiple forums, an announcements blog, a release calendar, ideation and an activity stream.

Telligent Community applications can be configured through a non-technical management console or can be customized through Telligent’s Widget Studio. You can also build your own applications and add those into Telligent Community.

Activity Streams

Activity streams are the glue that connects activities within the community. Content published in child groups is rolled up to parent groups enabling you to quickly see what is happening. Activity streams support file and photo sharing, microblogging, publishing questions, likes, hashtags, @mentions and more. It is common for a group to include a single activity stream to summarize the activities within a group or for the community.

  • Stream of activities

    Stream of activities

  • Controlled publishing

    Controlled publishing

  • Quick post

    Quick post

Discussion Forums

Forums are one of the most popular applications provided by Telligent Community. A forum enables you to create dialog with and between customers. The Telligent Community forum application includes: videos and attachments, auto-spam detection, full moderation capabilities, abuse management tools and many more common forums capabilities.

  • Tailor your UX

    Tailor your UX

  • Large scale forums

    Large scale forums

  • Modern responsive UX

    Modern responsive UX

Question & Answer Forums

Question and answer forums are an extension of the standard discussion forums the provide workflow around a question and answer workflow process. Using this capability a question can be asked in the community and answers can be suggested to the question. An answer can be identified as a ‘suggested answer’ or an ‘accepted answer’. A suggested answer can only become and accepted answer if the person asking the original question accepts the answer, a moderator accepts the answer, or a number (configurable) of other community members identify the suggested answer as helpful.

  • Question and Answer Forums

    Question and Answer Forums

  • Mark as answer

    Mark as answer

  • Accept and reject answers

    Accept and reject answers


Telligent Community is a multi-user blogging platform designed to allow you to support a single blog to thousands of blogs. Blogs provide a powerful content publishing tool that enables your customers to subscribe and receive updates that you publish along with commenting, reviews and star ratings. Telligent Community’s blog application includes: drafts, videos and attachments, RSS, commenting, ratings, multi-author blogging, ghost blogging, SEO controls and many more common blogging capabilities.

  • Rich Blog Features

    Rich Blog Features

  • Moderated commenting

    Moderated commenting

  • Likes, ratings and reviews

    Likes, ratings and reviews


Telligent Community’s ideation application enables you to easily solicit feedback from customers and allow for ideas and recommendations to be voted up or down. Ideas become more powerful when they are shared and the ideation application provides the ideal way to enable your customers to give direction on your products, goods or services. Telligent Community’s ideation application includes: point based voting, moderation of ideas, idea workflow, comments and many more common ideation capabilities.

  • Vote up/down

    Vote up/down

  • Ideation workflow

    Ideation workflow

  • Collaborative discussions

    Collaborative discussions


Telligent Community includes a complete wiki application for facilitating the creation of user generated content. Wikis include a rich text editor along with support for common wiki markup to enable non-technical users to contribute to wiki content. You’ll also find support for version control within the wiki so you can see changes that are made between revisions. Wikis also support embedding of multiple content types such as photos, videos and other files. Telligent Community’s wiki also has workflow integration with the forums application to enable the conversion of forum question/answer pairs into wiki knowledge base articles.


Telligent Community’s calendaring application provides basic calendaring capabilities to enable you to publish events within your community. Events can be open, invite only or include registration. The calendar also includes: event notifications, event subscriptions, maps to event locations, registration lists for the community manager and the ability to add events to your local calendar.

File & Media Gallery

Telligent Community utilizes a virtualized and distributed file system for securely storing web content. The File & Media Gallery application can be configured as either a Pintrest-style photo board or as a file list – all depending on what type of files are going to be shared. Within the gallery Telligent automatically transcodes videos through its HTML5 video transcoder to support streaming and mobile experiences. Telligent’s file preview allows sharing common office documents, such as PDF, Word or Powerpoint, without requiring the file to be downloaded to be viewed. The system also intelligently manages and re-sizes images, while keeping the original, to provide a highly responsive user interface that doesn’t requiring loading large image files. All of these capabilities are wrapped with security, permissions and logging to give you control over what is happening with your files.

Chat, Presence and Private Messages

Telligent Community’s chat application includes single or multi-user chat and user presence information. When members of the community are online they can start chat sessions with one another. People who are not online, as well as those who are online, and are included in the chat receive an active transcript of the chat session as a series of private messages enabling both online and offline conversations.

User Profiles

Telligent Community user profiles are designed to enable members of the community to share information and experiences about themselves, manage settings and options within the larger community and provide a quick way of access common content such as recent discussions, activity and favorite bookmarks.

People Browser

The people browser within Telligent Community enables searching for members within the community in a graphical layout along with facets that enable grouping different users together based on common profile attributes.


Leaderboards are used in the community as part of the gamification system to rank users based on the completion of specific activities. Leaderboards can be scoped to specific activities, specific locations (groups), time periods and can include or exclude certain groups of users. For example, you can create a leaderboard for top answers in your community and exclude employees. Or, in an employees only section only show leaderboards for employee participation.

  • Create multiple leaderboards

    Create multiple leaderboards

  • Assign points

    Assign points

  • Configure leaderboards

    Configure leaderboards

Telligent Community Services

Telligent Community’s applications are composed of a series of services. We’ve identified some of the key service features, but this is not representative of all of them. These are mentioned here because customers can also compose these services to create new customer experiences of their own, add them to their own applications – such as a mobile app – or build new applications.


A best practice in communities is to reward members with “pixels not pennies.” Gamification is the application of game-theory to incentivize and reward behavior of people within your community. The gamification system used the Telligent Rules Engine to award points and achievements to people within the community. Points can be used to build leaderboards or made to be redeemable currency within the community. Achievements assign public badges to people to recognize their achievements.

  • Assign points

    Assign points

  • Reward achievements

    Reward achievements

  • Configure gamification

    Configure gamification


Telligent Community includes over 25 built-in achievements that can be unlocked by people within the community as part of the gamification system. The achievements can be edited and changed as they are built on the Telligent Rules Engine. Community managers can add new achievements along with controlling the point assignments and badges associated with achievements.

User points

Members of the community can accumulate points during the course of their participation within the community. Points can be assigned at different levels based on the type of activity and points can removed (or set to decay). Some customers use points as an incentive program with point redemption for gift cards or other items. User points shouldn’t be confused with user reputation. Points represent activities and reputation represents the value created through those activities.

User reputation

All members of the community receive a reputation score that help identify their importance within the community. The member reputation score affects scoring of content written by those members, but it also affects other behaviors within the community. For example, if a member with a high reputation score flags content as abusive the moderation system automatically forces that content into the moderation queue for review by a community manager. The member reputation system is controlled through an algorithm that can be adjusted by the community manager.

Content reputation

All content within Telligent Community is assigned a reputation score. This score helps Telligent Community identify the value of content. More valuable content is ranked higher in search results and is fed into the content recommendation engine. The reputation score of content is controlled through an algorithm that can be adjusted by the community manager – as different communities will place higher values on different types of content. The content reputation system also supports a decay model that devalues content as it ages and becomes less active. This helps ensure that relevant content stays at the forefront of your community.


Comments enable members of the community to leave feedback. Comments are one of the core services of Telligent Community and is used in many of our applications. Customers can also associate comments with any external URL, such as integrating with a CMS system like Sitecore. All comment content goes through the Telligent moderation workflow and are included in our abuse management system to crowdsource content that may be considered abusive.

Star Ratings & Reviews

Star ratings and reviews enable your customers, employees or partners to review items published within the community. Star ratings and reviews can be added to content outside of your community as well.

Tags & Hashtags

Tags and hashtags allow for creating multiple dimensions to content items. Tags can be pre-defined if desired and hashtags can be used within content similar to how hashtags are used by popular social media applications.


Likes borrows the popular concept found in social media applications to allow users to like content that they find useful. Likes, along with other services, influence the value of content reputation within the community.

Polls & Voting

Polls and voting enable you to ask questions in your community and have members vote on topics. Polls can be embedded within other content, such as a forum, and can be configured to allow open or closed voting. Results from a poll are exportable as well.


User @mentions enable tagging content with a user within the community. The tagged user then receives a notification that he or she has been tagged with the content. This provides a useful way to alert people that content you’ve written is something they need to review. In addition to mentioning other users of the community you can also @mention a group. When a group is @mentioned the group, and its members, receive a notification.

Email Digests

Email digests provide a summary of activity on a daily or weekly basis. This ensures that people who have not recently visited the community can receive a summary of activities. The email templates are part of the notification system designed to draw people back into the community.

Mail Gateway

Mail gateway is a service included with Telligent Community that enables sending and receiving email by Telligent Community. This enables conversations that take place within the forums to be send to people as an email and enables them to reply to those emails – the content of those emails become part of the threaded discussions within the community. This enables Telligent Community to replace email distribution lists as well.

Document Preview

Document preview is a service included with Telligent Community that supports viewing common office file formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint) and others without requiring those files to be downloaded. The file viewer also ensures that these documents are viewable on mobile devices as well.

Video Encoding

Video encoding a a service included with Telligent Community that ensures that video files uploaded into Telligent Community are converted into streaming formats for both desktop and mobile viewers. Encoding ensures that a video file can be streamed vs requiring the entire file be downloaded prior to viewing.


Notifications is a service included with Telligent Community that provides both browser and desktop notifications of activities that occur within the community. Members of the community can choose how they wish to subscribe to notifications.


Recommendations is a service included in Telligent Community that analyzes your activity and recommends people or content that is highly correlated to that content. The purpose of recommendations is to ensure that when content is being viewed there is recommended content to help the person within the community find the information they are looking for even if they don’t know how to look for it.


Search is a service included in Telligent Community that provides capabilities to search for content and people. All search content within the community is security trimmed to ensure that only the content that a person is allowed to access is returned in search results. Search is available as a faceted set of search results or per-group scoped searches.

Mobile / Responsive & Adaptive

All of Telligent Community’s functionality is mobile accessible through a responsive & adaptive user experience. This responsive and adaptive design to optimizes the experience based on the size of the screen accessing the community. In addition to responsive & adaptive, Telligent has release an open source project on GitHub that demonstrates how to build an iOS and Android app.

Community Management

Telligent Community provides a robust suite of community management tools that enable a community manager to control all aspects of his or her community. Below are some of the highlights of the community management capabilities.

Design User Interface

Telligent provides multiple options and levels to control the user interface: colors, logos, graphics, CSS and more can be modified to tailor the community to best represent your brand. Note, this is different than the user experience which deals with how the user interface works with the visiting user within the community. The user experience is controlled both through application configuration and by customizing widgets in Telligent’s Widget Studio.

Authentication / Single Sign On

Authentication deals with managing who can access the community. There are multiple layers of authentication controls along with support for common standards such as OAuth, SAML, Windows, cookie and forms-based authentication. Authentication rules and controls exist to control type of login names allowed, default behaviors for new logins and many more options. Additionally, the authentication and single sign on system is also extensible. Telligent Community includes OAuth support for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for easy social media integration.

Authorization / Access Control & Permissions

Authorization deals with controlling what an authenticated person in the community has the rights to access. Authorization within Telligent Community is roles-based – members of the community are assigned to roles and the roles are then used to grant/deny permissions. Telligent Community includes an extensive permissions system to control all aspects of application interaction. For example, it is possible to configure a forum to allow anyone to post questions, but only people with the appropriate permissions to post responses.

Email Templates

Email templates provide design control over all emails sent by the community. The email templates include simple markup that enables the creations of robust logic based emails that can be personalized to each recipient.

Rules Engine

Telligent Community’s rules engine enables you to create conditional rules with associated actions. This rules engine is used by the Telligent gamification system to award activity points and user badges based on activities by users such as answering questions. The rules engine can also be used to automate business processes such as linking community users to accounts in your CRM system.


Telligent includes a full suite of monitoring capabilities within Telligent Community: exception monitoring and logging, tracing to track down features that are performing poorly and status of services running within the community.

Layout and Staging

Telligent Community gives you a significant amount of control to determine how pages should be laid out with multiple built-in templates that control where and how UI (widgets) are rendered for the end user. Furthermore, a full staging and preview environment is provided to allow for staged changes that can be reviewed prior to moving into production. It is important to note that designers that require more flexibility can simply go directly to the RESTful Platform API to build out the user experience however they desire is best for their customer.

Automated Moderation

Telligent Community includes a fully automated moderation system that reviews and evaluates content and user to determine their likelihood to be SPAM or abusive. The automated moderation is built on a series of rules that can be tailored for your specific community’s needs. Content that is moved into the moderation queue through either automation or via abuse flagging goes through a work flow and appeals process. Moderated content also collects and shows information to moderators detailing why and/or who performed the moderation action.

  • Approval workflow

    Approval workflow

  • View abuse reports

    View abuse reports

  • Author moderation

    Author moderation

Crowd-sourced Abuse Moderation

Members of the community can flag content as abusive. Based on the number of abuse votes, and the reputation of the voting members, published content will be moved into the moderation workflow. Crowd-sourced abuse management ensures that large communities can benefit from members identifying content which requires moderation or removal.


Widgets are reusable and sharable user interface elements. All of Telligent Community’s user interface is delivered through widgets which can be dragged, dropped and moved around within the layout of a page. Widgets can also be versioned, edited and shared within Telligent’s Widget Studio.


Groups are one of the most important and flexible options within Telligent Community. A group is a micro-community and is typically used to model a concept such as a team, product, region or collection of related people. For example, you may create a new community with public groups for each of your products and private groups for employees or partners. Each group contains various community applications, such as an activity stream or forum. As a community manager you can control whether a group is private or public.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In addition to built in optimizations for Google and other search engines, Telligent Community exposes options that community managers can use to refine keywords, page titles and more. Telligent Community additional builds Facebook graph data for sharing content across social networks and automates the creation of sitemaps used by Google.


Jobs are part of the Telligent Community platform to distribute work across multiple systems. Jobs enable community managers to have long running activities that are constantly running in the background. Examples include: search indexing, calculating leaderboards, moderation automation, calculating reputation and many more. It is also possible to add your own jobs into Telligent Community.

Platform Extensibility

Telligent Community is an extensible platform. This extensibility can be as simple as changing colors and images to as extensive as building your own user experience and treating the community as a platform. Below are a few highlights regarding the platform extensibility of Telligent Community.

RESTful Platform API

A foundational concept within Telligent Community is a stable and consistent API exposed as a set of RESTful web services. There are over 150+ APIs within Telligent Community and these APIs are the same APIs used by the Telligent Community widgets to deliver the user experience. As a developer you can write your own user experience as a web application or mobile app delivered 100% through the RESTful APIs. This means you can use any technology from Java to Bootstrap to the Javascript library of the month to build any application you can imagine. Many of our customers have done just this.


Whereas the RESTful Platform API provides the ability to read or write data into the community sometimes you need to be notified of events that occur such as when a new member joins. WebHooks provide an event notification service that will call a URL of your choice to alert you that an activity has occurred. It is your application’s responsibility to then call back to the community learn more about the activity or take action on the event.


RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a web standard for sharing content that originated in blogs. All public content published in Telligent Community support an RSS endpoint for consumption of information in this format. While similar to the RESTful Platform API in technology (HTTP/S and XML), RSS provides a much lighter set of activity.

Widget Studio

Widget Studio is a developer suite designed to edit or create Telligent Widgets – Telligent Widgets are Telligent’s reusable UX elements used to deliver user experience within Telligent’s native layout options. Telligent Widgets rely upon the RESTful Platform API to ensure consistency across versions of the platform. Within Widget Studio existing widgets can be tailored (with versioning) to deliver precisely the functionality designed. Widget Studio also support exporting and important widgets as well as tools for difference comparisons between versions of widgets.

Telligent Plug-Ins

Telligent Plug-ins provide one of the deepest ways to integrate bespoke functionality directly into Telligent Community. For example, using a plug-in you can create custom rules for the Telligent Rules Engine, integrations with other software applications and many other extensibility options.

Open Standards: OAuth and Open Search

Telligent embraces a number of open standards such as OAuth for authentication and Open Search for integration of search results.

Open Source / GitHub

Telligent publishes many of its integrations, extensions, SDKs and samples on GitHub – GitHub is a popular repository of open source applications. These applications provide developers with access to working applications and integrations such as: Microsoft .NET SDK, Sitecore SDK, samples of extending Telligent Community, Microsoft Lync integration and more.