Developers & Designers

Designers & Developers
We know how to partner with digital agencies – Telligent Community was built so designers and developers could exert their vision on our platform. You’ll find a full suite of APIs, SDKs and other tools to help you get started.
  • No design limits

    Don’t take our word for it, just look at some of the brands that build communities with our software. What you won’t see is a cookie-cutter community that looks like every other community. What you will see are designs and innovations that reflect the communities brand.

  • Imagine it. Build it.

    Designers and developers can work together within Telligent Community. Developers can utilize the full capability set to deliver unique user experiences, exact brand/design layouts, and integrations that go beyond basic community functionality. We’re a developer friendly platform.

  • By developers. For developers.

    We’ve taken a platform approach with Telligent Community. This means that everything is exposed through a well-documented set of RESTful APIs. You can build new, innovation applications or start with one of our existing projects in GitHub to copy and modify code to fit your needs.

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Telligent Community is built as a platform and is designed to integrate with a variety of technologies

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We don’t put limits on your design vision. Your community can match your brand goals precisely. Developers and designers work together to mobile-enabled integrated experiences.