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Together we create successful communities

It’s no secret, building a great community starts with a solid plan: What is the purpose, who is the audience and how do you define success? We’re a software business, but we have a lot of expertise in helping plan and grow communities with our experience, expertise and partner network.

  • 1. Plan

    When it comes to building the plan you can rely on Telligent’s deep expertise and partner network to help you answer these questions. We’ve been helping launch communities since 2004.

  • 2. Execute

    Once you have a clear plan you can then focus on launching your community. Telligent runs both on-premises or in the cloud and offers a fully turn-key community solutions.

  • 3. Learn

    After launching your community we can also help you define a roadmap, integrate with other business services and provide education about our platform to help ensure your success.

  • 4. Grow

    Ready to take your community to the next stage. Maybe integrate with other line of business systems or identify new opportunities with your customers? We can help.

Services to help you Plan

  • Community Quickstart

    The Telligent Community Quickstart is designed to define and establish a social community in a short amount of time. Our focus is to understand your business objectives and develop an out of the box solution to meet your organization’s goals.

    Strategic Planning

    A strategic planning session to identify requirements for building a world class community. We work directly with your key stakeholders, IT and business subject matter experts to gather information about your community’s goals and objectives.

  • Community Health Check

    The Telligent Community Health Check is an effective way to review the technical performance of your current community. From our review of your community we can provide you with the recommendations to improve your community performance.

    Upgrade Assessment

    The Community Upgrade Assessment is an effective way to review your current community and understand your upgrade options. From our assessment we can provide you with the best approach, timeline and cost for a successful upgrade.

Are you ready to plan your community?

Services to help you Execute

  • Telligent Premier

    A full service “turn key” offering with 100% of the community implementation, management, and integration performed by Telligent. Telligent Premier is designed for organizations that recognize the need for a community, but do not have the time, people or knowledge to successfully implement a community. Telligent Premier pricing varies upon sizing of the community and includes all costs associated with running and managing your community.

  • Telligent Managed

    Telligent Managed is a managed community offering where Telligent’s community management team partners with your team to organize and run your community. Telligent Managed is designed for organizations that have the ability to run their community, but want expertise to help them maximize their investment. Telligent Managed pricing varies based on the time you would like us to dedicate on a monthly basis for community management and moderation.

Are you ready to execute your community plan?

Services to help you Learn

  • Telligent Developer Training

    Telligent Developer Training is instructor-led training for developers building on the Telligent platform. The training is a two-day onsite engagement.  Classes start at $5,000 for up to 6 people (plus travel & expenses).

  • Telligent Community Manager Training

    Telligent Community Manager Training is instructor-led training for community managers running Telligent Community. The training is offered both onsite as well as online. Classes start at $2,500 for up to 6 people (plus travel & expenses).

Are you ready to become a Telligent Community expert?

Services to help you Grow

  • Strategy and Business Consulting

    Strategy and Business Consulting is a variety of service offerings made available by Telligent and its business partners to help you go beyond the basics of running a community and define KPIs for your community.

    Project Management

    Add a dedicated project manager from our professional services team to work with your team or partner to ensure the successful outcome of your Telligent Community implementation. We highly recommend this for customers or partners that are new to the Telligent ecosystem to provide guidance and expertise.

  • Software Development

    Work directly with Telligent’s technical professional services team to assist with the implementation, integration or execution of your community plan. We work as an integrated part of your development team.

    Open Source Integrations

    Telligent maintains a number of open source projects on including: Sitecore integration, Salesforce CRM case management integration, Microsoft SharePoint and more. Hire us to prioritize in features in these projects or create new open integrations for your products.

Are you ready to grow your community?