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We just need a little information

We need a little bit of information from you in order to setup your free trial:

What does the Telligent Community Free Trial include?

The Telligent Community Free Trial allows you to add as many community applications (forums, wikis, ideations, blogs, etc.) as you want, including groups.

What is not included?

The Telligent Community Free Trial does not allow access to the community manager and administration screens. This includes: moderation, rules engine, profile management and much more. We would be happy to share more about these capabilities – just drop us a note at or contact us.

Can I get a full trial of Telligent Community?

Absolutely, just drop us a note at or contact us.

Can I invite friends and co-workers to my free trial?

Yes, just go to the members page of your trial and you can email invite other people.

What happens at the end of 60 days?

Unless we hear from you the trial is removed – you can always start another one!

Do you have information about licensing and pricing?

Absolutely, please see our licensing and pricing guide.