Social Customer Service and Support

An Absolute ROI
Customer support communities create a compelling return on invested capital and gives your customers the support options they want.
  • Decrease support costs

    The biggest benefit of support communities is their ability to immediately decrease support costs. By moving common support cases online, resolutions to cases can be used again and again. Plus you can quickly see which topics cause the most issues.

  • Plan support staffing

    Our largest customers use their community to plan the staffing of their support centers – communities provide an early warning of incidents that are occurring with products. This type of optimization ensure that they maximize the investment in support.

  • Self-Service support

    Support doesn’t start at your website, but at your customer’s favorite search engine. Every page is page one and Telligent Community is optimized for SEO. And, people would rather self-service (and help each other) than work through a traditional support team.

Where is the first place you go when you have a problem?
When you have a problem with a product or service, 75% of people would
rather search online than open a support case with the company.
Without a community, how do you support your customers?
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